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 Character: Neo Zen

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PostSubject: Character: Neo Zen   Character: Neo Zen I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2010 12:33 pm

Player Character info (your world character)
Name: Neo Zen
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Job: (None)

Height: 5"4
Weight:103 lbs
Appearance: Black spikey long hair, Silver eyes, wears jet black flowing scarf that covers his mouth,black fingerless gloves and black insignia like tatoos on his arms and cheeks.

Real Life Character info (your character that control's your world character)
Name: Orin Ryozen
Nickname: Tech Punk
Gender: Male
Age: !6

Info that applies to both
Personality: Orin is quiet and always by himself, he isnt a mean person he just likes to be alone and he feels like no one understands him and the way he is.
Likes: Reading, Drawing manga and different anime related things in his sketch book,gothic things and horror,loves video games, and the thrill of adventure he would do many things to get adrenaline pumping through his veins
Dislikes: Being in crowded areas, having such a boring life, people who think they are better than others.
History: Orin has always been an outcast people have always thought he was different, Orin is different he isnt like the others around him most of them only care about social relationships and worrying about being cool but Orin likes to think beyond things. Just recently Orin found out about a computer game called, The World Orin started to look into it and found it was way cool he was surprised he hasnt heard of it before.later on Orin finnaly has enough to get the game and once he has everything set up he plays, creates his character, and loggs in.
Guild: (optional, see guilds list)

RP Sample : After a while Orin finnaly completed his game character "alright let's give this a try" Orin logged in, after a moment it was like he couldnt see a thing but soon what happened was amazing fields of color flew around him it was almost like he was in a nother world, The World "hm..it's..it's so real" Orin took in his surroundings and began walking he wondered to him self what he was supposed to do, and where to go now
umm aybe I should ask someone for help...no I can't do that even online I wouldnt feel comfortable talking to someone and besides all they will probably tell me is to look at the instruction manual but that wold take forever learning what to do.. Orin looked around confused and just sat sat down on a nearby bridge and leaned against the railing well I guess I should ask...if I want to get anywhere with this game Orin heaved a sigh a few people walked by "um...excuse me" they ignored him " a few more walked by "um...hey can you..." they didnt even look at him...." aww man this is going to take forever..
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Character: Neo Zen
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