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 A. I. Character Template

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Shun Ataki
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Shun Ataki

A. I. Character Template Empty
PostSubject: A. I. Character Template   A. I. Character Template I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 10:38 pm

Use this template to create you’re A. I. character:
(A. I. characters are characters that literally live in “The World” and act as they please, normally acting like normal players, though some may actually die when killed, also some experience glitches)

Player Character info (your world character)
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (generally only a couple months or years)
Race:(see race list)
Job:(see job list)
Special ability: (some A. I. s have a special ability to help them carry out a function)

Appearance: (one or two paragraphs)

Info that applies to both
Personality: (One to two paragraphs.)
History: (Two or Three paragraphs, talk about how they were created and if they serve a certain purpose.)
Guild: (optional, see guilds list)
RP Sample (only if you want an elite position)
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A. I. Character Template
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