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 The Elites

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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master
Shun Ataki

The Elites Empty
PostSubject: The Elites   The Elites I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 3:58 pm

Here are Elites, there no limit to the amount of them











How to get a higher rank

To get a higher rank, you've got to

1) Post here, notifying the admin

2) send a role-play sample to an admin

Elite privileges
1) Elites are considered the best guildless players

2) Elites are allowed one extra tech.

3) No guild techs will be created for elites.

4) Numbers do not matter

Descendants of Fianna
(The players of The World have given to the conquerors of The One Sin event,)

The Azure Sky:

The Azure Sea:

The Azure Flame:

To get a higher rank, you've got to

1) Write a topic describing your battle with One Sin, It must be at least one page long, per person.

2) Post here, notifying the admin

If all the ranks are full you must challenge the current rank holder

1) PM the person you want to challenge notifying you are challenging them; start the thread in position battles.

2) If challenged doesn't reply to PM within 48 hours or position battle, they lose place,
unless they have valid reason.

Descendants Privileges

2) Descendants are allowed one extra tech.

3) Descendants have the ability to use an Azure elemental technique, designed for their title.

*any one can be become a Descendant of Fianna, whether their in a guild or not.*
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The Elites
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