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 Code Breaker (A.I.)

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Code Breaker


PostSubject: Code Breaker (A.I.)   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:06 pm

player Character info (your world character)
Name:Code Breaker
Nickname: Code
Age:3 years
Job:Adept Rouge.(Twin Blade,Buster Blader,Flick Reaper.)
Special ability: Code has the ability to rewrite code's of all kinds from the simple thing as a land all the way up to a persons char code.Code also has the ability to destroy data making him a double edged blade.
Description:Code is a quiet A.I. enjoying the sense of a lone wolf though he is only lvl 1 he has a lot of potential some even hidden from him.
Appearance:Long black hair and hazel eyes.Mind wears a bandanna on his head and a leather shirt with belt's and buckles all around it down to his baggy jean's which hang chain's and belt's as well His hand's are gloved.The coat is solid black.

Info that applies to both
Personality:Code can be reckless,brash,arrogant,and sometimes very defensive.He likes to think he is always right but on the battlefield he is a great ally to have.
Likes:Quiet simple day's of just dong his job,Battles,and data writing.
Dislikes:Large areas of players,Bugs and viruses,annoying players
History:Code was created by Aura of the first .hack when it was deleted said Aura invented code to take on her work since then Code has been doing what he was made too but somehow Code received the emotions and thoughts of a real player making him do thing's most A.I's wouldn't.Code now walks The World fixing glitches and stopping viruses.He also trains to work on his lvl to get stronger and more skilled to be able to take on stronger viruses and player's.
Guild: (optional, see guilds list)
RP Sample:Tyler pulled up in a green car stepping out as it rained.He pulled his jacket closer looking up at the sky for some reason he hated this town.His loafer shoes stepped onto the sidewalk walking down the street a suitcase in hand.A simple hat was over his head his pant's swished from the rain.Tyler stopped in front of a club where the meeting would be held and walked in.Tyler stepped back as he was bombarded by noise and shook his head thinking this wasn't a good place to meet.Tyler walked down the stairs looking around the club his photographic memory taking in everything.He turned walking into the bathroom where he would meet a contact that would take him to Billy.

Tyler sat on the counter he was young for a foot soldier but he had made a name for himself on the street's of New York.Not to mention his father was Kyle Gun a man known in all the family's as a ruthless killer.Tyler looked over as a young man walked into the bathroom.Tyler stepped off the counter looking at the man.*You the man who will take me to Mr.Mercy?

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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master

PostSubject: Re: Code Breaker (A.I.)   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:33 pm

Code please extend your history a little and adept rouges require r.p. samples
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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master

PostSubject: Re: Code Breaker (A.I.)   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:59 pm

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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master

PostSubject: Re: Code Breaker (A.I.)   Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Code Breaker (A.I.)   

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Code Breaker (A.I.)
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