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 Out of "The World" Rp topics

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Akuma "Howling Wolf"

PostSubject: Out of "The World" Rp topics   Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:49 am

Well. I've noticed that in the character template that you have a part for the one that is in "The World" and then a part for the person that plays that character. I was thinking maybe this place should have some topics for out of "The World" Rps. Just incase some of the characters that met up in "The World" want to meet eachother outside of the computer. Just a suggestion. Post your opinions on this idea please.
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Kestrel Vice Guild Master

PostSubject: Re: Out of "The World" Rp topics   Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:42 pm

Hms, I like that idea. I've thought of the lack myself before.

Perhaps just a simple, The Real World forum would suffice, so that we don't clutter things up?
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Out of "The World" Rp topics
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