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 Ark "Shiro" Hihara

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PostSubject: Ark "Shiro" Hihara   Ark "Shiro" Hihara I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 9:41 am

Player Character info (your world character)
Nickname: Guilt
Job:Adept Rogue [Shadow Warlock, Blade Brandier]

Appearance:Ark "Shiro" Hihara BOYKShansvandrakhen
Shiro's hair is white crossed with blue in color while his eye is red on the left and blue on the right and Most P.C might think of Shiro as an NPC because of his Casual appearance but there is a good reason why he prefers to wear a normal clothing rather than fortifying himself with Metal Armors and that is because of movement efficiency to allow him to manouver easily while in combat. Though Shiro looks casual, he still bears a cold aura with him which makes making friends for him hard.

On his job extension, Shiro changes appearance from wearing a jacket to a light torso armor above a shirt along with a light metal greeves and gauntlets mostly colored ice blue. During that this, he wears a long cloak, hiding the armors and his weapon.

Real Life Character info (your character that control's your world character)
Name:Ark Hihara
Nickname: (Optional)

Info that applies to both
Personality: Ark both in-game and at the real world doesn't likes being with many people at the same time. though when he got into situations wherein someone needs help, he immediately does it even though it is against his will or he might be in danger. most players that see Ark and his
P.C initially thinks of him as a lonely and uncaring guy but when pitted in some situations some can see his dual sided personality both heroic and deadly. and another unusual personality of Ark is the liking for items with Rarity and gives them more priority than items needed.

Likes:Helping, Sweets, Fighting, Quests, Rare items, Bosses

Dislikes:Crowds, Annoying Persons, Parties, Pkillers

History:Ark at an early age wasn't that much interested in most things even like friends or anything, He just Lived up his life being simple and by the time he was 12 he took interest in swordsmanship and then studied at a local dojo nearby his home. by the time he was 15 he was already good at using the sword but unfortunately they have to move to a different town because of a new job his father have at the new town he never got any chance to learn more about the sword so he felt depressed.

His Parents soon noticed the change in Ark so they looked for a way to cheer him up but their attempt to cheer him up failed and nothing changed he was still the same. Then at that time, Ark's parents found out about the game called "The World" and they figured that i can change Ark so they gave it to Ark on his 16th birthday.

Ark quickly tried out the game and immediately took a liking to it and so he decided to keep on playing the game. though his depression disappeared, he still was the same, not having any friends and being a loner. But in that game he tried to help out fellow newbies with their problems but still he wasn't usually seen in the crowded parts of town or mostly in the fields. He spent some while now playing the game when he heard from some random players about "Job Extension" Ark then decided to take up the quest they were talking about. At first he didn't knew what was it all about and didn't know what to do so he started to ask around the town then he found out about the quest. During the quest, Ark had some few failures but eventually he finished the quest and earned his second form. When he went to the field to test out his second form he was surprised to know that it was a sword wielding job and made him happy then from that time rather than going to the dojo to practice swordsmanship he was able to do it in-game and was able to fight enemies with it.

Guild: (optional, see guilds list)

RP Sample:Going back to the lifeless home after whatever happened at the church
Arc felt a little sad going home, wishing the he could just stayed at the store knowing that there he could talk with other rather that going to home talking to no one else but himself.

Entering his house through the door,Opening the door Arc entered the pitch dark house and sighed and said. "this house looks lively outside, but in the inside it really is a very sad and lonely.

Reaching out the to light switch and eventually turned on the lights revealing a plain unchanged interior which was the same from when his parents died, Arc never bothered to change the furniture and appliances but just did common cleaning tasks to avoid getting the furniture in a bad condition.

Walking towards the stairs and going up towards his parents room, Arc was absorbed by the thought of the past and how his parents died in the same accident he was in, he said in a guilty tone. "W-Why why did they die, i was with them how come i lived. We were in the same accident how come my injury was curable and theirs were worse than me!" and shouted in an angry tone. "WHY!!!!"

posted my character application if there is something wrong just tell and i'll fix it ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Ark "Shiro" Hihara   Ark "Shiro" Hihara I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 11:28 am

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Ark "Shiro" Hihara
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