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 Cannon Items

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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master
Shun Ataki

PostSubject: Cannon Items   Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:16 pm

These are common types of Items that practically everybody carries around

Recovery Items-Recovery Items are single use items in The World and The World R:2 that restore a set number of a character's HP and SP.

Scrolls-Scrolls are items in The World and The World R:2 that have spells written on them. By using the scroll a player can cast the spell written on it without using SP. Though the scroll is destroyed in the process the items are frequently used by players to gain an edge in combat or quickly recover themselves or their allies.

Texts-Texts are items in The World and The World R:2 that permanently increase certain parameters in a character. For example, the Text of Power permanently increases the Physical Attack value of a character by three points
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Cannon Items
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