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 JingleSloth's Techs

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PostSubject: JingleSloth's Techs   Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:49 pm

Name: HP Harvest
Job: Harvest Cleric
Class: Magic
Element: Neutral
Effect: This Spell summons up some of JingleSloth's own magic into his staff, then, he is able to gather energy and HP from other living organisms around himself within a 5m radius of when and where the spell was cast. The amount depends on certain circumstances of the living organisms.

Name: Magic Security Armor
Job: Harvest Cleric
Class: Magic
Element: Water
Effect: JingleSloth uses his magic and transfers it to the surface of his body. Once around the very surface of the skin, it turns into water and acts as a thin armor and protects him against magic attacks and few physical attacks. While incased in the armor, the water also helps heal wounds done to him.

Name: Fire Fangs
Job: Harvest Cleric
Class: Physical
Element: Fire
Effect: This tech can only take action when JingleSloth is in Wolf form. The normal fangs of his turn to fire. Now, whenever his teeth and fangs sink down inside of anothe rliving organism, not only do they leave burns and deep stab wounds, they also absorb magic from the wounds. The longer his fangs are in, the worse the burns and wounds and the more magic absorbed.
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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master

PostSubject: Re: JingleSloth's Techs   Sat Jul 04, 2009 8:34 pm

Good, but could you please add cool downs?
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JingleSloth's Techs
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