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 Kumari (Moon Tree)

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PostSubject: Kumari (Moon Tree)   Kumari (Moon Tree) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 10:23 pm

Player Character Info

Name: Kumari
Nickname: -
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Job: Steam Gunner
Guild: Moon Tree


Height: 5’4
Weight: 140
Appearance: Kumari (Moon Tree) Magic


Personality: Kumari is a strange one. She is honorable, holding strictly to her ideals and morals. Although at times she can be rather extreme. She is above all else a thinker, who likes to plan her moves out and think through her words and actions. She can be solemn and serious, but she can also be hyper and cheerful. Almost a dual-sided coin, the only factor that ever remains the same with her is her sense of honor.

Kumari wants to protect people, either from themselves or from others. Sometimes that involves hurting people, and she tries to weight those things very carefully. Always remembering that she was the one who enacted the damage, even if it is in self-defense. She mostly prefers to help people without fighting, using subtlety and persuasion when words can be of help. Kumari doesn’t believe that anyone is truly evil, and she disparages the evil vs. good morass. Instead she believes that everyone has good and bad in them, and that while some may have more of one type, that doesn’t make them any less human, nor any less worthy of compassion.

Likes: Sunlight, people, children, sweet things, sparkly things, fog.
Dislikes: Darkness, useless fights, dishonor, lying, bragging.

Real Life Character Info

Name: Yamane, Ran-Fan
Gender: Female
Age: 18


History: Ran-Fan has led a relatively normal life. She was born to two parents, who were neither wealthy nor poor. She attended a small Elementary school, and made several fast friends even in her first year. After that, things were simple. She held onto those friends, making more as things went on. She was one of those kids who had many friends and no enemies. She was just too nice for anyone to hate.

Ran-Fan did okay in school. She always passed her classes, although she hardly ever got stellar grades she also hardly ever got horrible ones. She was interested in politics, and pursued that for awhile. When she and her group of friends got into High School, one of them brought up The World, and Ran-Fan decided to try it out. She soon found that she really enjoyed playing, and after that she and her friends would meet up online instead of hanging out in the real world. Although sometimes they’d have sleepovers and play together, or some other such thing .

Her grades remained the same, so her parents never minded about the game. Although they did despair that soon all she was talking about was things they knew nothing about. But that was part of life so they moved on. After a few years of playing, Ran-Fan was pretty skilled. Somehow she still hadn’t lost her zest for it.

In school she managed to worm her way into the honors classes, hoping to perhaps graduate somewhere ahead of the lower 50 percentile. She had dreams to go to College, and pursue political sciences, or maybe languages. Overall, Ran-Fan was happy with her life. She had prospects for the future, and she was easily juggling the weight of both her life and The World.

RP Sample: (From another site.)

Mai's eyes narrowed at the incoming cero. She glanced over at the Captain, not willing to take the chance that he would be able to defend them once again. She gripped her blade, Kagura Meikyou purring loudly as she slashed it through the air. There was a rush, movement too fast for the eye to fully comprehend, as all the bones that had been surrounding them suddenly came together to form a thick wall in front of them.

Mai blinked, and for a split second she felt reassurance as the ivory wall formed. And then, a second later, it was gone. A loud 'crack' sounded, as the thick walls of bones shattered. The small fragments falling and breaking apart until they were little more than dust formed from bones. And then even that seemed to be incinerated.

The residue of a cero lingered in the air, even as Mai dropped to her knees. One hand convulsing around the hilt of Kagura no Meikyou. The zanpakutou cried out in pain and rage, her teeth having effectively been broken. Utterly destroyed. The pain blazed in Mai's mind, as something she had never felt before. This loss, the deep aching feeling in the pit of her stomach as she stared at the remains of her bones.

All of this flashed through her mind in the span of a second or so, for that was all that she had. Dull eyes picked up the second attack. Without thinking, nor pausing to shudder in fear, the young Kuchiki tightened her grip on her Zanpakutou. Flipping the katana around so that her palm clenched the blade, blood seeped down the glowing metal as Mai thrust her arm back with all her strength. Intending to jam the hilt of her sword into Lee-san hard enough to send him flying back. Out of the way. Safe. Perhaps.

And then she was gone. The action so quick, Mai didn't even have a moment to comprehend what was going on. The vortex drew near and her body was drawn inexplicably into it. There wasn't any pain, for the crushing pressures were too powerful and too swift. Somehow, the Kanzashi that she held so prized, seemed to slip from her hair right before she was sucked in, hitting the ground with an oddly accompanying chime as the bright metal gleamed.
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PostSubject: Re: Kumari (Moon Tree)   Kumari (Moon Tree) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 10:29 pm

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Kumari (Moon Tree)
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