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 Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon)

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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master
Shun Ataki

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PostSubject: Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon)   Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 12:52 am

Player Character info (your world character)
Name: Shun Ataki
Nickname: “The Speedy Demon”, Shun
Gender: male
Race: human
Job: Adept Rogue
-Tribal Grappler
-Flick Reaper

Height: 5” 7’
Weight: 164
Appearance: Shun is a slightly tall P.c. that has an overall dark look to him. His red hair hangs down across the left half of his face. Shun’s eye’s are dark blue, but they sometimes seem to glow a dark red. His torso is commonly covered with a dark black armor; the armor is completed by the pieces on Shun’s lower legs. Though covered with armor, Shun still keeps a sleek, quick look about him. Also, Shun switches between full gauntlets and light gloves, depending on what form he is in.

Upon gaining a job extension, Shun’s armor grows bulker and small spikes protrude for his back. His boots gain a metallic like appearance, and his Hair grows into a deeper dark bloody red. Overall Shun holds a very dark appearance.

Real Life Character info
Name: Aero Ataki
Nickname: none
Gender: male
Age: 17

Info that applies to both
Personality: Aero, has a personality disorder, he has difficulty expressing his feelings in real life. “The world” is an easy way for Aero to express his feelings and especially his bent up anger. This is the base of Shun’s personality.

The personality that other players see from Shun is an easily raged person who takes no prisoners. As Shun’s attributes suggest, he is rather quick witted and good at thinking on his feet, though there are times when his rage gets the best of him. Shun only respects, those who are just as strong as him or stronger, he mocks every one else. As long as he is not overly aggravated, Shun’s personality makes him a wonderful P.K.

Likes: P.King, Kestrel, fighting, Challenges, Angry people,

Dislikes: Moon tree, peace keepers, weakness, and boring things.

Aero lived a somewhat simple and easy life for the first part of his life. That is, until he was fifteen. At this age, Aero went on a trip with his mother, whom he loved to an immeasurable amount. On his way back, the plane which he and his mother were traveling had a major malfunction. In a quick moment the plane hurled towers the ground and crashed in a ball of flames. In all the chaos only one thing could be heard, the screaming of a young boy who had just lost his mother. It turned out that Shun was the only survivor, and was transported to the hospital in a very quick manner. Once There, Aero slipped into a coma, His doctors Said that the coma was caused by the emotional shock of losing his mother.

A week after his sixteenth birthday, Aero awoke to his father’s face. The young boy had made a full recovery expect for one thing, he was unable to show his emotions. In an attempt to help him express his emotions, Aero was introduced to the game “The world’”
The plan work fabulously and Aero became hooked to the internet game.

Upon first joining the world, Shun became a member of the largest guild Kestrel. During this time, Shun had a rather mellow personality. The brutality of the guild leader disgusted Shun, which led to him eventually leaving Kestrel and pursing a career in the demon palace tournament. Shun quickly rose through the ranks of low level tournaments, and not before long, he had become the demon place emperor and help a position with in Icolo, the guild of emperors. The adept rogue, soon unlocked his second form, though to his day he is still learning how use it. Even with his second form, Shun had no interest in pursuing a higher arena ranking.

The loss of Shun’s palace title happened in a simple many; he simply didn’t even show up to fight against his challengers and disappeared out of the arenas for a long amount of time. During this time Shun join the pacifistic guild Known as none other than Moon tree. The guild leader seemed to hold similar values to him and in a short amount time Shun rose to the rank of third division captain. With Moon tree’s new counsel, “The world” fell into a temporary period of peace. Though the way the guild dealt with those who rebelled annoyed Shun as he thought they were too kind. He continually pleaded to the guild Master and was ignored, until one day he snapped.

In his rage, Shun P.k.ed every one of the seven counsels except for the guild master as Shun was no match for a full fledged guild master, but this did not stop him. The crazed P.K.er then fled from Moon Tree, rallied a group of players and attacked Kestrels head quarters. Shun and his allies quickly took down the elites, including the guild master that Shun once thought was too brutal. Shun then appointed himself as the new guild master and now works to fill up his guild with players with similar views as him.

Guild: Kestrel Guild master

RP Sample:
As the sun rose, there was chaos spreading in the town Gate called home. The chaos was in the form of a rumor, a strange rumor. Apparently last night someone had snuck into every guild, bar and anywhere else that gave out jobs and hung up a request for a peculiar mission. A well paying mission. According to messengers it had also happened in towns nearby as well. Most people simply said that no would be stupid enough to take such a mission and dismissed the rumor as a simple prank.

Gate wandered in to town his normally bright blue eyes were dark with exhaustion; his hair was even messier then usual. He had slept outside of the village, the past night because he had no place to stay. He normally rented a small apartment for short periods of time, but this time he did not leave, he was to put it simply evicted. It was not the first time this had happened, but this time it wasn't entirely his fault.
The tenants that had lived across hall from Gate, had destroyed the front entrance to the apartment building, it was a mess the door was off its hinges and the windows all but one were shattered. When confronted by the landlord the tenants had blamed it all on Gate's pet red panda Oolong and Gate was fined for the damages instead. He had simply gone over to sort it out, but the landlord told him that pointing his kantana at the other tenants, was not sorting it out.

Gate wandered into the nearest bar that gave out missions, he needed the cash. The bar was a small place that got praise for their food and drinks. None of this mattered to Gate; all he cared about was getting a mission. By the look of it, that wasn't going to be a problem, the bulletin board was full of them. Though there were many to choose from most of them were low paying...except for one. Gate pulled the request and looked it over. The paper had a picture of a palace made of blue, red and white stone. There was also a description of the mission that read:

Wanted a group of mages to explore an underwater palace. Said palace was believed to have been built by a great water dragon and his followers, it is said to have been abandoned in the year 777 when all the dragons disappeared and remains that way to this day.
All mages who participate in this mission will be awarded 100,000 jewels each and will be allowed to keep all the treasure they find except for one piece.

This mission was too good to pass up; Gate went to show the bar tender the mission. The bartender in turn threw a laughing fit, something about "there is someone in the world who was truly that stupid." This did bother Gate, he simply walk away and headed to the location designated on the ad.

The location was located in the slums, in a small park like area, probably the closest thing to a park in the area. Gate looked around until his eyes fell on an old man in the center of the park. He was small; his face was wrinkled with whiskers coming off of it. The man was in the exact place that was mentioned in the ad. Gate tried to take a step in to the park ...but he was stopped by a magical force. Gate took another look at the ad and sighed " particular aren't we...Well I guess I have to wait another 10 minutes" He then took a seat on a nearby bench and hoped he was not the only mage that showed up....
(Taken from a fairy tail role play I’m in)
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PostSubject: Re: Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon)   Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 5:20 am

Very nice. I think this charrie is good to go!

Or should I say, "Welcome to The World!"

Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon) Maltasig
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Icolo Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon)   Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 10:28 am


Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon) B6yc15

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PostSubject: Re: Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon)   Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon) I_icon_minitime

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Shun Ataki (the speedy Demon)
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