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 Job/class List

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Shun Ataki
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Shun Ataki

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PostSubject: Job/class List   Job/class List I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 4:43 pm

Pick a job for your character. Pick carefully.

Macabre Dancer : A strange class, they wield fan-like weapons. They cut their enemies with the bladed tips of their fans in a battle form that resembles a dance. The inhabitants of The World consider them the "Flowers of the Battlefield".

Flick Reaper : A class that wields giant scythes. Flick Reapers use large weapons such as Axes and Scythes to attack with

Edge Punisher : Edge Punishers use huge, double-handed Broadswords.

Harvest Cleric : They are sometimes called "Clerics" for short. They weild staffs and focus on healing magic.

Blade Brandier: they use light one handed swords. They are faster but not as strong as thier counter parts, the Edge Punishers

Lord Partizan : They wield giant lance like weapons. Their defense and physical attack stats are very high, with magical attack being their only real weakness.

Steam Gunner : Steam Gunners use steam-powered bayonets developed by humans to attack.
Their shots are skills that operate the exact same way spells do, but deal physical damage instead. Steam Gunners' shots have greater range than any other physical hit.

Shadow Warlock :Their favored weapons are Grimoires, which give bonuses to their magic and elemental stats, and can be used in melee combat, although with very little effect. Shadow Warlock tomes give a much higher magic bonus and have a much lower physical attack than Harvest Cleric staves, though the elemental bonuses are around the same.

Tribal Grappler: They use gauntlets as their weapons.This class has the advantage of a very high attack speed, allowing it to achieve normal Rengeki extremely fast, in addition to very high HP. Their defense, however, is very low.

Twin Blade : They wield dual blades. Twin Blades are the most balanced class in The World. They are noted for their superior traveling speed and hit rate.

Puppet Weaver: This class focuses on a long range fighting style, using puppets controlled by strings. The puppets each have individual abilities and powers, puppets can be bought from stores or created from weakened monsters by using an item called “Strings of the master mind”. Some players have even managed to created puppets from abandoned P.C. bodies, though this extremely rare and difficult. Though Puppet Weaver can gain different abilities through puppets, the P.C.s themselves are mainly fast with low attack and defense, in other words Puppet Weavers are in trouble when stuck in close range combat, it also takes a long time to load a Puppet. (Puppet weavers are limited to 3 puppets from the start of the roleplay, though more can begain in character, technique points may be used to create a new puppet. Also you are still limited to three overall techniques)

Adept Rogue(limited; please provide a role-play sample): is a class in The World R:2. Unlike other classes, its users do not specialize in a single weapon, or form of combat.
At the time of creation, the user picks 2 to 3 classes using a point-buy system, which restricts certain "unbalanced" combinations, such as Shadow Warlock and Harvest Cleric.
Here are the classes you can pick fromm you have 4 points.
Blade Brandier - 1 Point
Edge Punisher - 1 Point
Twin Blade - 1 Point
Flick Reaper - 2 Points
Lord Partizan - 2 Points
Tribal Grappler - 2 Points
Macabre Dancer - 3 Points
Harvest Cleric - 3 Points
Shadow Warlock - 3 Points
Steam Gunner - 3 Points
Puppet Weaver-3 Points
At frist Adpet Rouges can only use thier frist class and gain the others through an event called Job Extend.

That's all for now.
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Job/class List
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