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 Malta (fun loving flick reaper)

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PostSubject: Malta (fun loving flick reaper)   Malta (fun loving flick reaper) I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 9:54 pm

Player Character info (your world character)
Name: Malta
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Job: Flick Reaper

Height: 6'4"
Weight: (virtual characters have weight?) 160lbs

Malta (fun loving flick reaper) -
Malta (fun loving flick reaper) Animeguyx
Malta has a slightly boyish face with white hair and blue eyes. Wearing a short white jacket with chain mail and leather straps near the top to keep it on. His white shirt that he wears underneath has no sleeves and four long pointed ends at the bottom. He wears large gray/tan pants, with socks and sandals of the same color. His left ear has some small chain piercings, he wears a white glove on his right hand, and he wears a necklace of chain mail, with a pendant of two vertical zigzags (his old character's wave).

Real Life Character info
Name: Rion Waru
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Info that applies to both

Personality: Rion and Malta has the same, or at least similar, personalities. He has a very up beat personality, tending to play more than be serious. As The World is a game, Malta is usually just playing around. During any of his adventures, Malta has the bad habit of running head long into any battles he may find fun, regardless of if it is a good idea or not. He does have a strong sense of justice, as such, he will help any new players he sees. While playing The World, he will often have music playing, instead of listening to the BGM of The World, but sometimes he will switch if he likes the music. Most players may mistake Malta as a noob upon first glance, due to his personality, but he is actually very well versed in both The World and other video games.

Likes: Music, Video Game, Having fun, Newbs

Dislikes: Serious People, PKs, people who think they are better than everyone else.

History: Rion is the son of a police officer and a home maker. He was introduced to video games at a fairly young age. He would play them during most of his spare time and enjoyed them. When The World fist came out, he got a copy of it and would play it a large amount, with people he found online. He created a character that was basically him, but of the long arm class. During his adventures, he managed to become very high level, but because of his personality, didn't gain much notoriety. His main goal in the world was to find some of the most powerful monsters in The World, and defeat them one on one.

After the loss of The World, Rion felt quite upset, as he lost his character data, but once R:2 came out, he instantly bought it. At first, he was disappointed when he saw the change of the character classes, but managed to select a class he felt was most like his old class, the flick reaper. Though his character appearance has changed, his final goal and personality are the same. Rion has been trying to recreate the power that his old character had, but it seems to be taking more time than he thought it would. This was due to the fact that he seemed to be lacking the allies that his old character had. Now he wanders around The World, trying to find friends that would accept his noob-like personality, and a strong foe for him to defeat.

Guild: None...for now

RP Sample: Malta managed to make his way into the dungeon. It seemed to be made of brick, but it was so old, that grass was peeking through the floor. He reached his arm out to the side, grabbing a slim, black scythe. Spinning it over his head, and then bringing it back down, for 'coolness', Malta said, "Well, let's see what this floor has!"

This area was just randomly selected by Malta. He truly had no clue what kind of monsters or treasures this area would have. He walked through the stone hallway and made it into a big room. There he saw a small monster that looked kind of like a strange green human. "An imp? I guess I hit a low level field..." He ran straight into battle. Before the imp could even get ready for a fight, he felt the blade of Malta's scythe run straight through his gut. "Well..." He actually thought about leaving, the relative level of this area disappointed him. "I guess I can at least see if the boss is a challenge."

Malta ran through the dungeon, killing weaker enemies in one or two hits. His goal was to reach the boss of the dungeon and fight it. It didn't take too long though, Malta managed to find his way into a very large room, the bricks making up the walls and floor looked shattered. In the center of the room stood a large red dragon, "Now that's what I'm looking for!" Malta ran straight for the dragon. Jumping into the air, he slashed at the dragon, but the beast countered with a head butt. Landing on the ground, sliding back from the force, Malta looked at his HP. Apparently this dungeon was meant for a new player, but at least he was having some fun. Malta decided it was time to end the battle, running forward and jumping up again, he spun around in the air, "Lotus Flower!" The attack hit multiple times, finishing off the dragon. With a big grin on his face, Malta spoke to his defeated foe, "That was fun, we should do it again."
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Icolo Guild Master

Malta (fun loving flick reaper) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Malta (fun loving flick reaper)   Malta (fun loving flick reaper) I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 10:17 pm

It all looks good to me.
And since its a virtual reality world, weight kinda applies ^=^

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Malta (fun loving flick reaper)
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