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 Races list

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Shun Ataki
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PostSubject: Races list   Races list I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 4:21 pm

Humans : come with many different appearances in the game, and have average stats. The have developed technologies.

Beasts: human like creatures, expect they have the heads and tails of animals.
Beats have three tribes:

Ya Tribe Beasts: appear large and intimidating, boasting high strength and defense. However, they have low magic defense and attack stat.

Lei Tribe Beasts : Although Lei Tribe Beasts usually have the size and shape of human characters, they tend to have canine or feline appearances. Lei Tribe Beasts have high speed and agility, but poor defense

Tu Tribe Beasts: are small animals in appearance. They have limited defense and strength attributes, however, their magic attack and defense are are very high.

There are also two races that don't appear in the games.

Vital Vistas : are dolls made by humans. They are powered by steam, with varying degrees of consciousness and intelligence. They have high denfense and magic stats but low speed.
recommended jobs: Harvest Cleric, Shadow Warlock and Steam Gunner.

Chim Chims : are small, four-legged creatures found hidden in trees, giant mushrooms, and other places in the fields and dungeons of The World R:2. They focues on magic and speed, but have low attack and defense.
Recommended jobs: Harvest Cleric, Shadow Warlock, Blade Brandier and Flick Reaper
((yes Chim Chims are there mostly for laughs, but who knows))
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Races list
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