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 Guilds List

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Shun Ataki
Kestrel Guild Master
Shun Ataki

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PostSubject: Guilds List   Guilds List I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 4:43 pm

Here's the current list of guilds, there's more to come

Canard-a newbie-friendly group, dedicated to aiding newcomers to The World R:2.

Kestrel-is the largest of the guilds in The World R:2. The guild has over 5,000 members and contains many PKs

Moon Tree- a guild of pacifists, promoting harmony and peace in The World R:2. It is composed of around 1,000 members who are devoted to restoring The World R:2 from its corrupt, PK-ridden state to the prominent The World of the past. Moon Tree is the greatest opposing force to Kestrel. Members are generally forbidden to PK or PKK unless they themselves are attacked, or if they are fighting in the Arena.

Icolo-a guild made up of the Arena Emperors

Viral A. I. s- (not exactly a guild, though remember A. I. s can join normal guilds)
A. I. s that evolved from viruses or were created for malevolent purposes , they cause chaos in “the World” by infecting other programs (such as fields monsters etc.) These A. I. s are often hunted by CyberConnect Corporation Security division.

Raven (CyberConnect Corporation Security division)- A guild run by C.C. Corp, the guild was put together as a method to deal with Viral A .I. s , without alarming the normal players, The guild takes it name from another famous C.C. corp. run guild.

(Pks- Player killers, Pkk- Player Killer Killers)
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Guilds List
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